You’ve Got the Job, We’ve Got the Drone!

We offer drone services for a wide range of applications because there’s a multitude of ways to utilize aerial flight. Facilitating this range means we have a collection of different drones and pilots with the skills to operate them effectively. Our range of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) provides some of the best equipment to perform drone applications.


Our range perfectly balances physical capabilities, technical functionality and agility to fly into small spaces for the most comprehensive and intelligent devices. Below you can explore our specific fleet available.

- mavic m300 matrice

Industry leading UAS

  • Heavy payload lift
  • Ability to carry wide range of payloads/sensors
  • Long range and flight time
  • RTK enabled for surveying
  • Capable of operating in inclement weather

- mavic 2 enterprise advanced

Very compact and good all rounder

  • Self contained UAS with thermal imaging
  • Bolt on accessories to improve versatility 
  • RTK enabled for extra accurate and stable flight
  • Folds up to fit in small backpack
  • Small and nimble to operate in tight spaces

- Mavic 2 Pro

Photography specialist

  • High quality camera with 1 inch sensor
  • Ideal for quick photogrammetry tasks
  •  Can produce cinematic quality 4K video
  • Small, light and compact for easy carry on foot
  • Low cost ideal for more risky situations and travel

- custom drones

Can’t find the right UAS for the job? We can built it!

  • Multi rotor (quad, hex, oct)
  • Heavy lift
  • Long range
  • Adaption of sensors not designed for drones
  • Tell us what you need