Spraying chemicals

One of the most practical applications for drones is their ability to apply chemical treatments following a precise pattern and quantity for the most equal chemical spray. The aerial positioning of drones means they have the freedom to follow any pattern and reach locations and corners that are challenging for traditional spraying methods.


Drones help people thoroughly manage agricultural fields, remove moss from roofs, manage the remediation of wasp and animal nests, paint large and tall surfaces professionally and spray paint treatments to large infrastructure assets. Through advanced equipment that can tether the drone to the liquid treatment, our drones have the freedom to reach any location and pattern while being fed a constant product supply.


The spray applications of drones replace expensive operations that may require cranes and scaffolding, as well as eliminate the risk to human safety that these operations provoke. Harnessing AI, 3D cameras and LIDAR software, drones can paint and spray autonomously, following the required pattern, while collecting data and optimising the use of the product.


Drones can make cleaning virtually inaccessible locations simple, making light work of tall tower window cleaning, the steeples of churches, solar panels, gutters and roofs. Cleaning many of these hard-to-reach locations typically come with impractical costs of installing scaffolding as well as risk to human life.


Drones replace the need for humans to reach these locations themselves. Pilots can power drones from a safe location while performing the necessary tasks and applying the right products and brushing applications for a thorough clean.


Drones are being increasingly used as a firefighting tool because of their responsiveness and ability to reach critical locations efficiently. They gather information immediately as their flight path can gain a vantage point that helps firefighting teams understand the fire and plan their action. They can then become part of the plan and fight the fire directly through water and fog spraying operations.


Drones can reach the highest locations and target areas that firefighters and trucks cannot reach. They work in conjunction with other firefighting applications for a comprehensive approach that helps stop fires faster, saving lives and property.

Drone spraying
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