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Drones are intelligent devices that can reach nearly any location, height, distance and speed required for various business and personal operations. They can replace the need for human riggers, scaffolding and even helicopters while being a fraction of the cost, time and risk to human safety.

Drone technology combines this freedom of flight with advanced computers and processing systems, so they can gather detailed information that transforms into valuable information and insights to help you make the most informed decisions. Further than data gathering and image recording they can apply many critical services in the hard and expensive to reach locations.

Whatever you do, Drone Division’s drone services can transform the efficiencies and costs of your operations.

- pilot hire -

Our pilots are all fully trained and experienced in multiple fields of drone operation

Hire one of our fully qualified pilots by the day for professional drone flying and it’ll be all you need to perform your operations and replace the traditional expensive methods. Our prices include the appropriate equipment, travel, accommodation and the translating of raw data obtained from the mission.


Due to the urgent nature of some services, we can deploy our pilots within 24 hours internationally and resolve your needs efficiently. Our applications vary in time and requirements, so please get in touch for a quote.

Inspection

Such as power line inspection, or the technical assessment of hard-to-reach places.

Photography

Private and commercial photography, videography and editing.

Photogrammetry

For terrain modelling, profiling of quarries and mines, or 3D modelling of infrastructure.

Security and SAR

Search & Rescue missions, disaster and emergency aid and surveillance

Your Aerial Operations Experts

- data processing -

Drone Services_Manage your data

Manage & handle your data

Some drone applications require detailed data processes to extract terrain information, maps or 3D models of structures and assets.

We leverage cloud processing technology for larger processes, so this data is protected and readily available. We also collaborate with software companies such as DJI, Pix4D and Drone Deploy for effective and streamlined data acquisition, processing and managing

- custom applications -

the sky’s the limit

Drone technology is constantly evolving and the applications are already expansive. We love to work with clients to discover new, exciting and beneficial ways to apply drone services to their businesses.

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