Ultra fast deliveries

Ultra fast deliveries

Getting items to a location can sometimes be an essential task required in a matter of minutes. Drones don’t rely on road or rail infrastructure and can fly above any obstacles, which results in efficient and rapid deliveries of critical items. Delivery drones are often shaped like planes so they have greater range and faster speeds – some of them can autonomously fly at 130 km/h for over 150km at a time.


Drones are pivotal for time-critical operations, such as delivering vital organs for transplants, and less critical applications. For less time-critical jobs, drones are still a much more efficient and logistically simple method of delivering items than traditional methods.

Remote areas

Drones for time-critical operation
drones for transport

Remote areas often have poor travel links, and some are only connected to resources by a shuttle boat or faulty road, and other locations with no access at all, like mountain ranges or offshore sites. Drones don’t rely on problematic access links into remote locations, instead, they have the freedom to traverse the skies and provide essential deliveries to any location.


They typically arrive much faster than land journeys as well as being a more efficient, inexpensive and simple method of transport, with the ability to be deployed soon after a request.

Life-Saving Deliveries

Drones can reach previously inaccessible locations efficiently and can provide essential supplies to people in danger and stuck in adverse locations, like in mountain ranges or off the coast. As well as reaching inaccessible locations, they travel fast and can be deployed rapidly, saving lives in time-critical situations. Drone deliveries provide essentials in many life-threatening situations, including:

  • Medicine or first aid kit
  • Food and survival kit
  • Deliver a flotation device to someone stranded off the coast
  • Deliver an automated external defibrillator to help someone having a cardiac arrhythmia
Drone Deliveries
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