Fully qualified, authorised & covered

A2 CofC (UK & EASA)

Our pilots hold the A2 CofC (A2 category Certificate of Competency) for both the UK and EU.  This is the basic qualification needed for all drone pilots who want to fly closer than 150m from the public to perform both recreational and commercial flights.


The GVC (General Visual line of sight Certificate) is a more in-depth qualification requiring an in person flight assessment by a CAA approved examiner. With this qualification we can fly in what is known as the “Specific” category with drones up to 25kg in weight and in built up public areas.

Operational authorisation

We have our Operational Authorisation from the UK CAA. This Authorisation is a requirement for flying in the “Specific” category and allows us to legally fly certain types of mission that takes full advantage of the GVC qualification such as within 50 meters of the public and over people, buildings and vehicles.


Commercial liability insurance up to £1,000,000 is standard for all commercial drone operations and we are covered by a leading UK insurance provider who specialise in drone insurance.