Ultra fast deliveries Getting items to a location can sometimes be an essential task required in a matter of minutes. Drones don’t rely on road or rail infrastructure and can fly above any obstacles, which results in efficient and rapid deliveries of critical items. Delivery drones are often shaped like planes so they have greater […]

Drone spraying

Spraying chemicals One of the most practical applications for drones is their ability to apply chemical treatments following a precise pattern and quantity for the most equal chemical spray. The aerial positioning of drones means they have the freedom to follow any pattern and reach locations and corners that are challenging for traditional spraying methods. […]

Security and SAR

Search and rescue Time is critical to saving lives in life-threatening situations. That’s why it’s a key aspect of drones that they can be deployed in minutes by virtually anyone – they also have far fewer flight restrictions than helicopters. This makes them an essential tool for Search and Rescue (SAR) activities because an immediate […]

Drone photogrammetry

Quarries and mines Drone photogrammetry can provide instrumental changes to the accuracy and cost-efficiency of survey models within quarries and mines. Utilising RTK and PPK processing provides the same level of positioning accuracy as traditional survey methods while completely solving the safety issues that human surveyors face.   Drone photogrammetry in quarries and mines allows […]